Essential Supplies and Tools You need For a Flawless Custom Wig Finish.

By Liz Maleli - 7 may 2023
wig construction is a specialised craft that requires a specific set of supplies ,whether you are a professional wig maker or a beginner looking to create your first wig ,having the right tools and materials is essential to achieving a succesful result ,in this blog ,we will outline the supplies you need for wig construction ,look no further than our website ,we offer a range of wig products to suit any taste and budget.
1.pins- are used to hold wig pieces and hair wefts in place while sewing them onto the wig cap ,they help ensure that the hair is sewn onto the wig cap evenly and securely.T-pins ,hairpins and sewing pins are all useful for sercuring the hair and wig cap in place .

2.Bobbins for sewing machine -bobbins are essentially for sewing machine to work ,they  hold the thread that is used to sew the wig pieces and hair wefts onto the wig cap.

3.Thread  -you will need strong thread to sew the hair onto the wig cap ,nylon or polyester thread in a colr that matches your hair will work well.high qulaity threda that is strong and durable .best used for sewing machine to sew wig pieces and hair wefts onto the wig cap.

4.Tripod wig stand -used to hold the wig head in place while you work .it provides a stable and secure base for the wig head ,which makes it easier to style and work on .

5.Machine needle size/wig making curved needle  -12-14 is the idle machine needle size for sewing thrpough wig caps and hair wefts but wont leave large holes on the wig cap .

6.Singer sewing machine - the singer sewing machine is a heay duty machine ideal for sewing through thick material ,it is ideal for wig making because it can sew through wig caps and hair wefts .



7.canvas block head is used to create a base for the wig ,it allows you to style the wig and make adjustments before attcahing ot to the wigs cap .

8.wax stick is used to hold the hair in place while you sew the wig onto the wig cap ,it helps prevent the hair from moving around and ensures the wig looks natural .

11.scissors are for lace trimming ,they create a natural looking hairline and make the lace wig look more realistic

12.transparent thread is used to sew lace thats ripped ,it blends seamlessly  

13.silicone wig grip is used to hold the wig in place on your head ,its ideal for people with sensitive skin because it does not irrittae the scalp ..


products needed for creating custom wigs ....

14.tweezers are used to pluck the hair on the wig and give a natural looking hairline .

15.wig combs are used to secure the wig on your head ,they provide extra support and prevent the wig from gripping .

16.measuring tape -used to measure the circumference on your head ,to create a proper fitting wig .

17.metallic sharpie -used to mark the ig cap and creat a guide for where to sew the hair onto the wig cap 

18.open toe presser -best presser to sew the hair onto the wig cap -it allows you to see where you are sewing and ensures taht the hair is sewn onto the wig cap evenly .

19.Adjustable elastic bands -used to adjust the size of the wig cap,it ensures the wig firs properly and doesnt slip off.


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