liz .M.
March 4, 2023

The Psychology of wearing wigs .


Have you ever wondered why people choose to wear wigs,even if they have perfectly good natural hair?while some may do it for fashion or convenience,there is a actually a deep psychological reason behind it .Wheteher it's to boost confidence or express their inner selves ,wigs have the power to transform how we feel about ourselves ,

Studies have shown that wearing a wig can increase self esteem ,boost mood and reduce anxiety .its all about the concept of "enclothed cognition ,"which suggests that what  we wear can affect our mindset and behaviour .when we put on a wig ,we adopt a new pesrona and feel more confident in our abilities to take a challenge .

Furthermore ,wigs can help individuals express their true selves without  judgement and criticism .They can experiment with different colors ,lengths texture and style allowing them to fully explore their identity and personality .its like a form of self experssion that goes beyond just clothes and makeup .

And lets not forget about the fun factor!Wearing a wig can be playful and  exciting way to switch up your look and add some pizzazz to your day ,You can channel your inner beyonce or Lady Gaga,or go for a more subtle change that still makes you feel like a new person .

In the end ,the psychology of wigs is all about empowerement ,self expression and joy .Whether you wear wigs everyday or just for special ocassions ,they have the ability to transform how we  perceive ourselves and the world around us .So go ahead .embrace your wig  loving side and unleash your inner Diva!!!

Liz Maleli

Founder of Tajiluxuryhair wigs Liz is a talented wig maker who has been creating wigs since she was 18 years old .Now in her early  30s liz has perfected her mastery and now specialisez in creating natural looking lace wigs that are comfortable durable and Sophisticated .liz uses the highest quality material to create each unit ,she creates units that afre unique ,Each unit is a masterpiece that liz shares with her dolls -our valued customers