"The Top 10 Things Every Customer Craves – And How to Deliver Them!"

By  Liz Maleli - August 2023.


The Quest for Service Excellence

There's nothing quite like top-notch service, that extra touch from our favorite stores, doctors, banks, or airlines. It not only boosts our loyalty but also has us returning time and again. However, are such golden experiences frequent enough? While there's a noticeable upswing in service quality, many still miss the mark. Based on my surveys and firsthand experiences, here's a snapshot of the top elements customers truly crave.

Customers want their expectations met

they want exellent quality at a fair price ,real value consistently and reliably provided.Do we ask the customer what he or she wants?and do we listen to the peculiar individual needs that are expressed .do we bother to act on what he or she wants?

Real Life Example 

A customer came to Tajiluxuryhair and wanted a wig that would help her cover her thinning hair. we   listened to the customer's concerns and recommended a wig that was made with a HD lace front. This type of lace is seamless . The customer was very happy with the wig and felt confident wearing it in public.

Triple 'O': Outcome, Outcome, Outcome!

 At the end of the day, what truly matters is that the product or service hits the mark, whether it's the prompt arrival of your latest online shopping spree, a piping hot meal from UberEats, an engaging seminar, the flawless fit of a new wig, impeccable makeup application, the timely dlivery of a crucial package, or even the movers ensuring your belongings transition seamlessly to their new home. What we all seek is a fulfillment of that verbal or advertised promise. Ultimately, it boils down to the delivery meeting our expectations and leaving us with a sense of genuine satisfaction.

Real life example 

A customer ordered a wig from Tajiluxuryhair online. The wig was delivered within 24 hours, even though it was a custom order. The wig was the perfect fit and the color was exactly as the customer had requested. The customer was very happy with the wig and would definitely recommend Tajiluxuryhair to others.


Consistent Excellence: The Backbone of Reliability

Dependability is key, both in products and the services surrounding them. It's the assurance that our desired outcomes will be met consistently. Whether it's expecting our UberEats to always arrive fresh or trusting that our packages will be timely and in one piece, what we're really seeking is peace of mind. We want to rest easy, confident that our chosen providers won't waver in maintaining the gold standard of means all parts of my suppliers business coordinate and coopertae to create my staisfaction each time i deal with them.

     Real life example 

Tajiluxuryhair is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to improve their products and services. This shows that they are committed to providing the best possible experience for their customers.


Building a Robust Relationship with Customers

knowledgeable ,well trained suppliers

  for a customer to take your advice ,accept your solutions beleive your promise,see you as capable and reliable ,they need to experince knowledgeable skilful clear communicatotrs who are well drilled in their craft and customer skills .Their depth of knowledge not only instills confidence but ensures the consumer journey is smooth and satisfactory.

  Real life example 

The staff at Tajiluxuryhair are highly experienced in wigs and hair extensions. They can provide expert advice on choosing the right style and color for your hair, and they can also help you with styling and maintenance.

 Swift Deliveries – Because Waiting is SO Last Century

With the speed of today's life, waiting feels like you're watching paint dry while a sloth narrates the process. Ensuring swift and reliable deliveries is non-negotiable.

Real-life example: Mike once ordered a pizza that arrived so fast, he wondered if the delivery guy was The Flash in disguise!

Easy Returns – Because Sometimes, We Change Our Minds

It's human to be indecisive. Today's blue might be tomorrow's green. Having an easy return policy is like having an undo button in real life – and who hasn’t wished for one of those?

Real-life example: Rita bought a hat that, on second thought, made her look like she was auditioning for a clown school. Thankfully, the store's hassle-free return policy saved the day!



Personalized Experiences – Make Me Feel Special

Everyone wants to be recognized and cherished. Offering personalized shopping experiences is like having your grandma remember your favorite cookie. Sweet, right?

Real-life example:Personalized attention: Tajiluxuryhair takes the time to get to know their customers and their needs. They offer free consultations to help customers find the perfect wig or hair extension, and they are always happy to answer questions.

 Creative Solutions to Problems 

To know that your supplier is actively seeking to find creative solutions

 to your personal or business problems or concerns creayes an enormous peace of mind .when i know that you are not just trying to sell to me something ,but genuinely tring to help me solve a proble ,a partnership potentila is formed and price usually takes a back seat in importance 

What Customers Dont want -The deadly sins

The deadly sin of customers dissatisfaction

Apathy -a lack of interest or care destroys satisfaction potentia

Coldness-we have all experienced unsimiling cold check ou t person

lying -false promises erodes or complete;ly destroys trust

condenstation -talking down to a customer effectively treating them as a novice in our technical worlyou are wrong -customer may not always be right but the customer is the customer and doesnt enjoy a know it all

the run around -pushing the customer arounf organistaion with no one taking responsibility

of actually helping the customer creates enormous frustration


liz Maleli is the founder of Taji Luxury Hair, a company that provides high-quality hair extensions to women of all hair types. Liz is passionate about providing women with the hair they've always wanted, and she offers a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

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